Respa Bevia


Respa Bevia (Chad)

Representative of the Dihé (spirulina) industry in Chad.

>Case study: The Dihe in Chad

Kolyang Palebele


Kolyang Palebele (Chad)

President of the CNCPRT (National Cooperation Committee of Rural Producers of Chad). The committee is a national peasant organisation gathering more than 40 000 rural producers’ organizations in Chad in 18 regions.

Member of the coordination committee for the African pole of the UiTC, organiser of the Guérande sessions.



Edithrudith Lukanga


Edithrudith Lukanga (Tanzania)

Member of the EMEDO organisation, whose goal is to enable rural communities to reinforce their participation and their representation, and to be granted a vital environmental education for their own economic development. Emedo is also a member of the WFF – World Forum of Fish Harvesters and Fish workers.


Abdou Karim Sall



Abdou Karim Sall (Senegal)

President of the AMP (Maritime Protected Area) of Joal Fadiouh

> Experience file: Protected maritime area of Joal Fadiouh in Senegal.

Charles Bakundakwita


Charles Bakundakwita (Senegal)

Support and strengthen professional OP organisations for traditional fishing in West Africa. Member of the ADEPA (West African Association for the Development of Traditional Fishing) and one of the mainstays of the Africa pole of the UiTC.

rené segbenou


René Segbenou (Benin)

Sociologist and member of the COPAGEN as a scientific assessor with regard to Genetically Modified Organisms. He is a member of the Committee of the Association for the Development of Traditional Fishing (ADEPA), and of the promotion committee of the UiTC. One of the mainstays of the Africa pole of the UiTC and of the follow up committee of AITC.

said kamel


Said KAMEL (Morocco)

Teacher and researcher in earth sciences at the University Moulay Ismail. Tenured member of the international bureau of the World Mountain People Organisation (APMM), president of the Association of Mountain Arts Festivals.

> Experience file: commons-based management of water of the spring of Ben Smim in the Azrou region (Morocco), in association with Benyoussef Tyouss, right-holder of Ben Smim.


Brahim FOUGUIG (Morocco)

Professor in economics and management at the University of Juridical, Economic and Social Sciences of Fès, Morocco.

> Case study: the metallurgic company of Imider in Morocco: wealth accumulation and challenges of sustainable development of the territory.

Mamy Rakontondrainibe



President of the Group for the Defense of Madagascan territories – TANY and member of the administration committee of AGTER.

abdelkader ameziane


Abdelkader AMEZIANE (Morocco)

Son of shepherd, French professor and activist of the Amazigh movement in central Morocco. Member of the national bureau of Mountain People Organisation (APMM) in Morocco.

Abdoulaye Ndiaye


Abdoulaye Ndiaye (Senegal)

Secretary General of the local Fishing committee of Ngaparou

> Case study: Local initiatives for the community based management of fisheries resources in Ngaparou : from success to frustrations.

mohammed kouidri


Mohammed Kouidri (Algeria)

Teacher and researcher in population sociology, Demography, urban and rural sociology at the University of Oran.

lounes belkacem


Belkacem LOUNES (Algeria)

Vice-President of the Amazigh World Congress and member of the technical committee of the Mountain People Organisation (APMM).

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