Sustainable food systems

Changing food chains and buy canadian viagra food systems towards greater ecological social and buy viagra us economic, sustainability.

Explanation: The modern agri-food chains and systems, despite their quantitative effectiveness , are not sustainable.
Even if the viagra samples technical progress and cialis online 20mg the development of trade enabled, globally, to solve many problems of food, "modern food systems" are the canadian pharmacy cialis cause of problems of great magnitude. Agricultural policies related to "modern food systems", have maintained and viagra for cheap even deepened the marginalization of hundreds of millions of small farmers who constitute the bulk of the malnourished battalion. They have contributed in accentuating social differences and cialis price the development of poverty. They have introduced new foods models that contribute to malnutrition, especially the spread of obesity and buy cialis uk cardiovascular disease. These food systems contribute furthermore, in many cases, to the destruction of natural resources and viagra professional biodiversity.

To develop these food systems towards sustainability, the different actors and no prescription viagra stakeholders of the agri-food, must be mobilized around the resolution of these problems, even if their immediate interests appear to oppose it.

Did you know?

In India, 50 years ago, there were 30,000 varieties of rice. Currently, ten varieties are used to produce 75% of national production. In the Netherlands, currently, only one variety occupies 80% of the surface of potatoes in this country. According to FAO, 3/4 of the diversity of global agriculture has been lost during the 20th century.



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